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    New standards for fire retardant fabrics
    2006/10/16 10:52:28   GuangDong Kingtide Development Co., Ltd.

    Strict industrial standards have been a great drive for the development of fire retardant fabrics, however even more important than the means of monitoring, testing and certifying. USA, Japan and Europe have a high standard in production of the fabrics for they use highly sophisticated system of regulations and standards and their certifiers are well trained and highly professional. China´s GB8965-1998 Standard for Fire Retardant Protective Garments is much more sophisticated in comparison with GB8965-1988. The new version has included the following new items for inspection and certifying: tear strength, moisture penetration, water shrinkage, toxicology, sewing thread property etc. The new more stringent requirements will definitely speed up the evolvement of fire retardant apparel.

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